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SL60 Curtain Walls Systems

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SL60 for Curtain walls system This versatile system has been designed to facilitate the fabrication of stick curtain walls with external capping, inclined façades, roofs, skylights, tunnels and polygon constructions. This series offers numerous profiles for load bearing structures with a width of 60 mm, for which it is possible to choose the most statically ideal section depending on the static and dynamic needs of each project. A vast selection of open-able elements are also available.


Raw Materials:

  • Extruded sections in alloy primary aluminum EN AW-6063 (UNI EN 755 - 2) T5
  • Gaskets/static and dynamics in EPDM compound

Thermal Transmittance:

Regulation DIN 4108 class 1.0 and 2.1 Certification tested by the IFT Rosenheim German Institute


The 60 mm wide mullions are available with variable depths depending on the project requirements, with rectangular sections. The external covers are offered with a width of 60 mm, as well as a bull nose version. The transoms also have a width of 60 mm, and they may be installed with fixed supports, or simply with front screws, depending on the dead load of the panel and the features of the project. Specific profiles have been designed for the fabrication of the skylights and roofs. The structure sections have been given two channels to permit ventilation of the window pane and external drainage in case of water infiltration


The series uses specific accessories to guarantee the product maximum security, reliability and easy installation. The accessories for the corner junction of the frames has been taken from extruding aluminum profiles. The hinges in extruded aluminum, have been designed to be installed without extra mechanical operation. The upper track and hinges are made up of a sturdy extruded aluminum body and four polyamide wheels with ball bearings.


The frames for the front grid allow the installation of glass from 5 - 38 mm thickness. The glass is held into place with a pressure plate with internal and external gaskets

Open-able Elements:

The SL60 system can be integrated with any doors from ALUK’s series while turn and tilt windows are available with specific frames and specially designed frames; also top hanging window frames are available

Possible Manufacturing Solutions:

Curtain walls, inclined façades, roofs, skylights, tunnels and polygon constructions with the possible insertion of turn and tilt windows, top hanging windows, door entrance and dormer windows for skylights.

450 2