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SG60 Structural Glazing Systems

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SG60 Structural Glazing system SG60 Series uses the same structural grid sections designed for the SL60 system. Since the glazed panels are installed from the outside it is possible to cover the wall parapet of the building or portions of the walls that are completely blind. This system is especially suitable for the construction of curtain walls with a moderate number of open-able elements; it can be used in integral structural solutions or with mixed solutions, with horizontal coverings and vertical sealing or vertical covering and horizontal sealing.


Raw Materials:

  • Extruded sections in alloy primary aluminum EN AW-6063 T5
  • Gaskets/static and dynamics in EPDM compound
  • Silicon support gaskets are made with an Elastomer that is compatible with the sealer


In the traditional version of the series, the glass panes are structurally sealed to the carrier frame and they are fixed with special accessories to the bearing grid; the 20 mm gap between the glass panes is then sealed The range of solutions has been further expanded by the introduction of a new version (SG60 P) in which the glass is held by a pressure plate, horizontal or vertical, and by a holding plate on the internal glass chamber of the glazed frames (structurally glazed).


The frames for the front grid allow the installation of glass from 6 - 38 mm thickness. The glass is held in place with a specific accessory and internal supporting gaskets.

Open-able Elements:

The curtain walls can be integrated with open-able top hanging windows, that are not visible in the prospective conveniently designed for this system.

Possible Manufacturing Solutions:

Structural Glazing, inclined façades, skylights.

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