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SC70N Sliding Windows and Doors Systems

450 1Series SC70N for sliding frames This historic and economic series for sliding frames combines perfectly with profiles from the 53CO series, allowing both traditional installation and the fabrication of large dimension windows.


Raw Materials:

  • Extruded sections in alloy primarily aluminum EN AW-6063 (UNI EN 755 - 2) T5
  • Gaskets/static and dynamics in EPDM compound


Depth of the fixed frame 53 mm and 68 mm (2 tracks) - Depth of the sliding shutters 28 mm (that can also hold single glass with a thickness of 4 / 5 mm and DGU with a thickness of 18 mm) Range of normal frames for the fabrication of sliding doors and windows.

 The simplicity of operation of this system cut with a 45° angle makes the assembly easy and economic. The new optional profile that reinforces the central interlock in a railed synergistic form with the large series allows the assembly of doors and windows with large surfaces and exposed areas with high capacity loads


All of the accessories are made by ALUK and are produced with high quality materials. The mortised handle has been given a security device to block the closing hooks and the trolleys are adjustable with a metal die cast body that permits a capacity load of 70 kg per shutter.


The profiles allow the installation of single glass with a thickness of 4 / 5 mm and DGU of 17 / 18 mm. The glass is assembled directly into the shutter frame without glass beads and specific gaskets guarantee the air and water tightness.

Possible Manufacturing Solutions:

Windows and doors from 1 - 6 sliding shutters, frames made with an overhead light, underneath light and fixed side lights. The system allows integration with the 53CO series making it possible to manufacture vast and articulated types of window elements.

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