The Alunile Patch Fittings for all-glass elements in toughened and laminated safety glass are characteristic in their simple elegance resulting from a reduction to the essentials.

The fittings appear nearly flat on the glass surface, thus accentuating the delicate style. All visible parts of the patch fittings are made of stainless steel, featuring clearly defined shapes on smooth surfaces. The patch fittings are a consequent completition of the Alunile product range, starting from the floor spring to the upper pivots.


Tempered glass assemblies with fittings (55 / 65 mm pivot point) and locks.


Maximum door weight & door weight Torque for fixing screws Glass thickness:
 max. door weight: 80kg  Screws M6: 10 Nm(4mm)* Patch fittings are suitable for glass thickness of 12mm & 10mm
 max. door width: 1100mm  Screws M6: 15 Nm(5mm)*
  Screws M8: 20 Nm(5mm)*
  *Allan key size