creative alternative for architects and designers, Curved tempered is tempered or heat-strengthened glass that is bent, during the heat-treating process, to a specified radius to create unique profiles for installations in commercial and residential applications

Curved tempered glass is used in a wide range of applications including:

  • Curtain Walls
  • Handrails
  • Shower Enclosures
  • Partitions
  • Elevator Enclosures
  • Commercial/Residential Windows
  • Storefronts

Curved tempered glass is a creative alternative for building designers and engineers.

Curved tempered glass is heat-treated and bent or curved to create a unique profile for installations in commercial and residential applications.

  • Curved tempered glass is tempered by heat treating glass through a horizontal tempering furnace. Although curved tempered glass is usually specified as fully tempered, curved tempered glass can be heat-strengthened for applications where fully tempered glass is not required.
  • Heat-strengthened and tempered curved glass is available for insulating glass (IG) units using clear, tinted, reflective, Low-E glass (including the new generation of post-temperable Low-E coatings) or spandrel glass. Low-E and reflective glass may only be manufactured with the coating on surface #2 of the unit.
  • Fabrication Options Holes, notches, hinge cutouts; polished, ground and mitered edges; pattern cuts and sandblast designs are all available. Guidelines for hole size and positioning must be considered during the design phase, and fabrication processes must be completed prior to heat- treating/bending. Fabrication can be done with any thickness of glass intended for use in a curved glass application. With this capability, curved tempered glass is ideal for unique and elegant shower enclosures.
  • AluNile Glass Division also has the capability to perform fabrication on your glass products by using transferred CAD files in a DXF. file format.
  • Glass Options Curved tempered is offered in a large variety of glass products, including clear, low iron, Low-E’s, standard or high performance (spectrally selective) tints and reflectives, to achieve desired aesthetics and to meet design criteria.
  • All but a few of the sputtered Low-E and reflective glass products are available as curved tempered vision or spandrel glass.

  • Typical applications include glass Curtain Walls, Handrails Shower enclosures, revolving doors, partitions and insulating glass units.
  • Depending on the application design, there is specific information that will be required to ensure accuracy.
  • When designing applications similar to shower enclosures, storefronts, partitions or curtain walls refer to Figure 1.



Distortion exists in all curved tempered and heat strengthened glass, Minor departures from exact straightness are inevitable, and some linear distortion may also exist. Alunile Glass division has the most advanced full convection furnance made by TAMGLASS which produces the best temperd glass quality achievable world wide.

Strain Pattern

Under certain lighting conditions, both tempered and heat-strengthened glass may exhibit a strain pattern or an iridescent color, which is not normally visible. A regional strain pattern, not visible under many lighting conditions, may be detected when polarized light is reflected or transmitted by the glass. All of these are characteristics of curved tempered and heat-strengthened glass and are not defects.