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FV Solar Panel Curtain Walls Systems

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FV Energy Solar curtain wall technology and Ecology The solar constant is the radiant power of the sun before it enters into the atmosphere: average measurement of 1376 W/mq. In Italy, the average value of insulation is between 1200 and 1750 KWh/mq per year. Solar panel technology has the advantage of directly transforming sunlight into electric energy, through a passive process (without the absorbing or consuming energy). In fact, it uses the sun which is an unlimited fuel and does not release noxious emissions into the atmosphere saving kilograms of carbon di-oxide (CO2). The use of integrated solar panel systems architecturally can open up new frontiers in the formation of new building designs, where the constructive element becomes an active component which increases the amount of money saved on energy.


Solar Panel Curtain Walls:

In this system there is a complete integration between the technology and design for all of the façade components, solar panel glass is used to substitute the conventional constructive elements and in addition to producing energy they also offer protection from the sun’s rays and outside noise as well as functioning as an electromagnetic screen.

Glazed Roof:

Single glass and insulated glass covering system which guarantees an optimal thermal insulation and can be used also for the solar screen and production of electric energy

Ventilated Facades:

An ideal solution for restoration or reconstruction of old buildings and as a way to offer modern changes in buildings with new architecture

Sunshade Blinds:

Sunshade blinds in aluminum sections can be inserted in any architectural context in a variety of colors. The system can be installed as either a fixed or an adjustable version so that the PV module is located in an optimal position with regard to the movement of the sun

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