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FRS Sunshade System

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FRS Sunshade system This system for external shades notably reduces the thermal transmittance of a building, while giving the building a distinct architectural appearance. The shades intercept the rays before they arrive at the transparent surfaces reflecting most of the rays externally and only a minimal portion internally. Furthermore, the solar radiation absorbed by the shades themselves is externally dissipated at the façade increasing the efficiency by up to 30% compared to the internal systems, thanks to its’ natural ventilation system.


ALUK’s solar protection system has been designed for the fabrication of sunshades with extruded profiles in aluminum. The range includes five sections with dimensions of 150, 200,250, 310 and 360 mm. Homogenized billets in EN AW-6060 (UNI EN 755 - 2) alloy with restricted tolerance of composition suitable for anodic oxidation and powder coating finish. The suggested solutions can satisfy multiple applications both from the static and architectural point of view; in fact they can be used in curtain walls or in a more classic way - into the masonry or onto the metallic structure. The range finishes with a blade (K680) that has a smooth design, that can incorporates into the structure a energy solar panel cell or different materials. This system is ideal for the construction of horizontal, adjustable shades that are easily applied to more modern architectural structures.

Possible Manufacturing Solutions:

Horizontal and vertical sunshades, fixed and adjustable by a motorized remote control, energy solar panel sunshades.

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