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Blindall 60 Bullet proof Systems

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Blindall 60 – Series for bulletproof frames The Blindall60 series has been designed to manufacture bullet proof shop windows and doors with or without armed sections. The system provides for special bullet-proof (anti theft) accessories to use in the doors at the external opening to guarantee maximum security. The assembly of these frames allows them to adopt the most reliable locks and closure systems equipping them with the most solid frame anchoring to the masonry


Raw Materials:

  • Extruded sections in alloy primarily aluminum EN AW-6060 (UNI EN 755 - 2) T5
  • Gaskets/static and dynamics in EPDM compound


 The fixed frames and the shutters have a depth of 60 mm; the frames are flat on both the external and internal sides. The accessories, quality tested, have been created exclusively for this series, to guarantee maximum security and reliability.


Glazing can be done either with snapped on, tubular glass beads or screwed in glass bead using hidden screws. The frames allow the installation of a range of glass from 10 - 50 mm thickness.


The certification for the intrusion (break in) resistance on the doors and shutters with an internal opening is rated as class 2 according to the European ENV 1627 - 1 ENV 1628 - 1 ENV 1630 - 1, tested by the Giordano Institute in Bellaria (RN).

Possible Manufacturing Solutions:

Windows with one or two shutter casements, also available with a fixed overhead light. Doors with one or two shutters opening inside and outside, also available with an overhead light and/or tilt windows.

Shop windows and frames made with the option of inserting the types of openings listed above.

450 2