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AW3T Structural Glazing Systems

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AW3T Curtain wall with exposed frames The AW3 T is the most classic version in this series. It uses a traditional double glass unit (without step between the glass panes) inserted in the insulated glazed frames with perimeter border of 24 mm. The exposed resulting section is 60 mm and the gap between the frames is 12 mm. This feature gives the façade a smooth design. The technology for this version uses the exact same load bearing grid as the other versions, both in the stick wall or split wall solutions. The open-able elements are not identifiable in the design of the façade: When closed the windows are absolutely homogeneous.


Raw Materials:

  • Extruded sections in alloy primarily aluminum EN AW-6063 (UNI EN 755 - 2) T5
  • Gaskets/static and dynamics in EPDM compound


The mullions are available with depths of 90 mm and allow the fabrication of semi unitized curtain walls by means of pre-made frames (sub-frame + glass panes). The thermal bridge interruption of the glass carrier profiles is reached by the positioning of polyamide strengthened thermal rods that have been mechanically braced at the external sides of the aluminum through a graphing process.


The external surface of the glass has a border of 24 mm from the profile of the frames and the gap between the glazed frames is 12 mm. This version does not need structural sealing to fix the glass; the glazing uses a traditional double glass unit without step which is between 26 and 29 mm total thickness or a single glass for spandrel frames.

Open-able Elements:

The top hanging opening are manufactured in thermal break frames, with self balancing friction stays in stainless steel that can bear a max of 120 kg; the open able frames are not visibly identifiable in the facade.

Possible Manufacturing Solutions:

Vertical and rounded curtain walls with inserted open-able concealed top-hung (Projection).

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