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AW3SF Structural Glazing Systems

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AW3SF Structural glazing This version synergistically uses all of the technology from the original series AW3 S with the exclusion of the thermal break glass and panel carrier frames. Special uninsulated sections are available for this version. The glass must be structurally fixed to the relative frames, like the AW3 S series, respecting the EOTA ETAG 002 guidelines and the instructions supplied by the structural seal producer. This version is certainly the most economical of the AW3 range.


Raw Materials:

  • Extruded sections in alloy primarily aluminum EN AW-6063 T5
  • Gaskets/static and dynamics in EPDM compound Bottom gaskets of the joints are made with an Elastomer that is compatible with the silicon sealer


The mullions are available with depths of 90 mm and allow the fabrication of semi unitized curtain walls by means of pre-made frames ( subframe + glass panes ). The glazed panes, both in the visible and blind areas of the parapet, are solidly attached to the load bearing frame which is entirely in aluminum. The spandrel panels, even in this uninsulated version, have the advantage of a ventilation chamber between the external glass and the insulated panel.


The gap between the glazed panes without mechanical retain in view is 16 mm. The glass carrier frames allow the installation of DGU between 23 and 32.5 mm thick, or, single glass can be used for the spandrel area. In this version the structural glazing secures the fixture of the glass to the relative frame against positive and negative wind loads whereas the weight of the glass is supported by a specific accessory.

Open-able Elements:

Top hanging opening with self balancing friction stays in stainless steel that can bear a max of 120 kg; the open able frames are not visibly identifiable in the facade.

Possible Manufacturing Solutions:

Vertical and rounded curtain walls with inserted open-able concealed top-hung (Projection).

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