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62TT Thermal Break Doors Systems

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Series 62TT thermal break doors This series has the advantage of thermal and static characteristics that conform to the most severe current regulations. This system is ranked as one of the AluK products that can be easily manufactured and offers a high level thermal performance.


Raw Materials:

  •  Extruded sections in alloy primarily aluminum EN AW-6063 (UNI EN 755 2-) T5
  • Gaskets/static and dynamics in EPDM compound

Thermal Transmittance:

  • Certified class 2.1 according to DIN 4108 standard
  • Average heat transmission feature (at opening) 2.51W/m2K figure calculated according to UNI EN 12412 - 2 international standard.


 Frame depth for the doors 62 mm This series has a classic design. The shutters for the doors are externally flat and internally overlapping. The enlarged shutter profiles for entrance doors have been sized adequately to easily hold a mortised lock with a double handle.

It also allows the installation of thick glass necessary for anti-theft security. The doors are flat and have a depth of 62 mm. They have been designed to be easily manufactured and to optimize the fixture of modern multi-point locks.


This series allows the installation of a range of glass from 22 - 50 mm thickness at the frames and 18 - 36 mm at the shutters. The glass is fixed by various types of glass beadssquared, rounded, with internal and external gaskets. 

Possible Manufacturing Solutions:

Entrance doors, swing doors balcony doors.


450 2