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45V Folding Doors System

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45V Folding doors This series has been designed for the fabrication of top hanging folding frames. The small quantity of profiles necessary for assembly, combined with the compatibility to the 45 N series, makes this system very practical and versatile. The sturdy upper rail in aluminum and its relative trolley on four wheels are used to hold the windows and allow them to slide. The bottom frame can be built internally into the floor to avoid disturbing overhangs, or externally, using the same profile from the lateral frame. The folding frames are made with the same profile along the perimeter; the water and air tight seal of the frames is assured by special, long lasting EPDM gaskets. The folding doors can be equipped with a single entrance door with double knob-handles and locks.


Raw Materials:

  • - Extruded sections in alloy primarily aluminum EN AW-6063 T5
  • Gaskets/static and dynamics in EPDM compound


-Frame depth 54 mm

- Shutter depth 45 mm

This range of uninsulated profiles has been designed for the fabrication of free standing folding doors.


The series uses specific accessories to guarantee the product maximum security, reliability and easy installation. The accessories for the corner junction of the frames has been taken from extruding aluminum profiles. The hinges in extruded aluminum, have been designed to be installed without extra mechanical operation. The upper track and hinges are made up of a sturdy extruded aluminum body and four polyamide wheels with ball bearings.


The series allows for the installation of glass or panels from 4 - 28 mm thick. The glass is fixed by various types of glass beads-squared, rounded or tubular with internal and external gaskets. The external tight gaskets are continuous and do not show juncture in the corners.

Possible Manufacturing Solutions:

Free standing folding doors, with the possible insertion of a single entrance door and windows for ventilation.

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