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45DS Windows and Doors Systems

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Series 45DS for windows and doors Hinged series suitable for the fabrication of doors and windows used for public/private constructions. The range for these windows uses the constructive concept of the central gasket to guarantee the final product a high level performance against weather conditions. The windows are equipped with a traditional double overlap gasket. The complete range of profiles, accessories and a logical combination of these options allows us to fully satisfy all of the current projecting needs of our customers. Furthermore the same hardware used for thermal break systems has been applied to this series, which allows it to reach relevant dimensions and capacity loads.


Raw Materials:

  • Extruded sections in alloy primarily aluminum 6063
  • Gaskets/static and dynamics in EPDM compound

Windows and Balcony Doors Profiles:

  • Frame depth 45 mm
  • Shutters with double overlap 45 mm Windows opening inside are externally and internally over-lapping with the central gasket concept.

Door Profile:

Range of sections for flat doors with an outer frame and shutters depth of 45 mm.


This series allows the installation of a range of glass from 4 - 28 mm thickness. The glass is fixed by various types of glass beads: squared, rounded or tubular (this last version is particularly suited for shop window or large elements), with internal and external gaskets.

Possible Manufacturing Solutions:

One or two shutter casements opening outside, 1,2,3,4 shutters casements and balcony doors opening inside, tilt windows, turn and tilt, swing doors, strip windows, doors opening inside and outside.

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